Every student pays a one-time $50 registration/materials fee (non-refundable) each school year which covers music, string replacements, administrative overhead costs, etc. Registration fee is rolled into the overall total tuition rate when Smiling Strings is administered by other agencies. See below for exact Terms of Tuition.

2018-19 Tuition Information

Tuition is $235 per trimester (10 teaching weeks) for each class, whether at the Elston Ave. studio or a school location.  The only exceptions to this are the slight variations in price which may occur at select schools where the extracurricular activities are administrated by a central agency such as "Right At School" or "J At School" who do not always run on a 10-week schedule. (In these cases tuition rates are prorated or adjusted to reflect the $235 rate so that everyone pays the same no matter where they live or go to school.)

In addition, we offer a prorated rate for siblings of $215 at our Elston location and school sites DIRECTLY administered by us. Each sibling, however, must still pay the full $50 materials/registration fee.

Tuition paid breaks down into the following class options which are predetermined by Smiling Strings faculty members. It is their sole discretion to group students into appropriate classes based on age and playing ability for each class to ensure the best possible educational outcome for everyone.

Class Size Options

  • 4+ students (two 30-minute classes per week or one 60-minute class) 
  • *2-3 students (one 45-minute class per week) *May be broken down into two 20-25 min. sessions
  • 1 student (8 private 30 minute lessons or 16 private 15 minute lessons)
  • Orchestra/Ensembles & Specialized Classes: 10+ students (Prices vary based on number of weeks)

Number of Classes per Trimester

  • 20 small group lessons if meeting twice a week
  • 10 if only meeting once a week
  • 8 for private lessons

Tuition Terms

Each family agrees to the following terms:

  • There are no official make-ups offered for student absences due to field trips, illness, being out of town or any other reason a child misses class during the trimester if the class still took place. At some schools it is possible to attend another class as a make-up if one is offered at the same level.  We also offer ongoing classes at the Elston Ave. office/studio location for make-up possibilities.

  • Prorated tuition refunds are provided if a child discontinues within 30 days of the start date of the first lesson of the Trimester. The $50 materials/registration fee is non-refundable.This policy applies only to classes offered at our Elston location or a school site DIRECTLY administered by us. (Contact Right at School or J at School for their individual policies on dropping out of a class paid for thru their system.)

  • To ensure each class receives the correct number of lessons, there are "extra" days built into the schedule to allow for occasional teacher absences, snow days, school holidays, etc. and these missed classes need not be made up provided the correct number of lessons were given over the course of the Trimester.

  • Regular lesson times may be changed and/or extra lessons added preceding each concert performance.